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Get Online US Green Card

The EB5 immigrant investor program allows the investors and their immediate family members to get the Green card for the USA and become the permanent residence by investing in the US economy. The Eb5 visa is the initial step to reach the USA temporarily and it takes around more than a year to get the Green card. The process is lengthy but we Residency Invest can make easy for all the investors and their family members. People can get online U.S. green card by following the simple steps mentioned on our website. The money transaction and other formalities are all available with us that simplify the process and people can get the delivery of the Green card at the doorsteps.

The Eb5 visa along with the reward of Green card for USA was introduced by the US government to stimulate the economy and create jobs in the country. The criteria for the applicants were very clear that they will be applicable for the program only if they invest $500,000 in the government-approved projects. Till the date, the program is running successfully and the country is able to generate maximum revenue.

The complications arise when people have to apply for the green card because after the final establishment of the business, they have to run to different legal bodies to get the approval for the petition.  The process is very complicated as it involves the laws of the residing country and people might not be aware. Along with that, the process requires the preparation of several documents and submitting the same to the designated authority. There are many other attributes for the green card process so it is good to get online U.S. Greencard. All the formalities starting from applying to document submission to receiving the green card will be completed from one place. It will save a lot of time for the people and help to focus on the business operation.

The online application also includes several formalities that people might not understand so we are available to become the helping hand. Our relation with the investor is for the long-term so we try to make the complex process quick and simple. The team of Residency Invest is well-qualified and trained to start and finish all the formalities with ease. We are well-aware of the terms and conditions according to the country law and work for our client accordingly. It will be like the company will personally prepare and scrutinize all the documents before submission to the legal authorities.

Sometimes, the entire process for the Green Card for USA involves legal counters in the court but for the comfort of our clients, we represent ourselves on their behalf. It will like we will working solely but for our clients and complete all the formalities to get online U.S. Greencard. The team of the Residency invest is trained in the right working module so that they deliver the desired result without giving any stress to the people.  We work as the consultant as well as the process associates for the people in completing the process to get the Green Card for USA.