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What our valued clients have to say

Thanks to a wonderful team for your resilience. I would have not continued if not for your support.


While applying for an American visa, Nick and his team were super helpful. At a time when we were overwhelmed with the requirements, they broke it down for us and helped us navigate the process perfectly.

S.M, Hong Kong

From that first telephone conversation with Peter it was like re-connecting with an old school mate. Since then he has been very helpful and very prompt in responding to all my inquiries & providing priceless guidance all the way.

Residency Invest have indeed carved a niche for themselves as far as the EB-5 Visa process is concerned. It’s been a great pleasure working with them.

O. Ekiugbo, Nigeria

I must firstly acknowledge the patience and availability that Peter showed during my investment process, he adequately broke down every step to my understanding and sincerely communicated with me about issues of concern. We were online even after hours to address my concern. Thanks Peter,
Thanks Residency invest. Nice doing business with you.

G. Williams, Liberia

It was pleasure interacting with Nick. During our interaction with him, we found him to be knowledgeable and patient. He wasn’t in hurry to “close” transaction. Nick has good experience with EB5 process which was of great value while selecting the “correct project” to invest in.

Indian Investor, Singapore

I would like to congratulate Residency Invest Limited on the outstanding service provided to me. Indeed, the very prompt replies to all my inquiries as well as the willingness to go the extra mile to help me and my Son in any way possible have deeply impressed me.

S. Pai, UAE - Indian Investor

Through my experience with Residency Invest I found that they concentrated on every little concern of mine providing perfect solutions. They are very well experienced with EB-5 process and can provide the best advice.  Peter and Nick have very good followup and they were always available to discuss my concerns regardless time zone differences and weekends.  I really do appreciate their work and would recommend working with them.

S.H, Egypt

Nick and the team at Residency Invest were of invaluable assistance in our family’s Eb5 application.  They selected and explained the features of the best projects, introduced us to good lawyers, answered all our questions through this unfamiliar process and were overall thoroughly professional, reachable and responsive.  I would highly recommend them to anybody considering Eb5.

R.A, Hong Kong

We highly recommend Residency Invest for anyone wanting to apply for a US green card through the EB5 process. The team is thorough, efficient and friendly – we couldn’t have asked for a better combination! Helped us turn around the entire EB5 application in less than 2 weeks.

V.M, Hong Kong - Indian citizen

Nick has guided us with our EB5 applications. He manages the process really well, is responsive and always available to discuss. He made the process so easy.

A.S, HK - (Indian Passport Holder)

Having decided to make an investment to facilitate US immigration through the EB5 program, we identified the US Immigration Fund -NY, LLC as the regional centre and the 101 Murray Street Project to invest in. An investment in a project specially under the EB 5 program is complex both in terms of assessing project risks and in understanding the immigration related process. Residency Invest assisted us through this and the communication and documentation was clear, efficient and quick. Would recommend their services and projects without hesitation to others following a similar path to ours.

S.C, India

Residency invest was transparent and were well experienced to guide us through the entire process, which can be quite arduous. They were forthcoming with various options and indeed were well informed and connected to ensure our dialogue with the right contact at both the LLC and the legal teams. Indeed a pleasure to have dealt with them and would strongly advocate them for any requirement on the said EB5 immigration process.

A.K, Mumbai, India

I used Residency Invest to apply for an Eb-5 visa and the service was exceptional from the initial phone call, to the filing of our I-526 petition and beyond. I am still kept well up to date on application and project progress.

S.S, Delhi, India

I used the services of Residency Invest for the Eb-5 visa program. RI was extremely helpful in all the key aspects of Eb5: Identifying the regional center, selecting the suitable investment opportunity/project, coordinating with the regional center and the legal firm, filing of the Eb5 I-526 application… I strongly recommend anyone evaluating an Eb5 visa to connect Residency Invest.

A.M, Mumbai, India

Nick and Residency Invest offered a brilliant service to help me prepare to move my family to the US….unbelievably it is easier than applying for some visas to go on holiday, the paperwork is not overwhelming and Nick holds your hand throughout the process……Nick’s communication was always excellent and he has provided excellent referrals to accountants and lawyers to assist with all aspects of the move. I would whole heartily recommend Nick to anyone contemplating the US, and it is a pleasure to deal with a really honest efficient person.

Paul H, London

I have had the pleasure of dealing with Residency Invest  as my advisory partner in the EB5 processes. I am glad to say its been a wonderful experience. They shared all aspects of the process, were accessible when needed and have been in touch with updates on a regular basis. The Eb5 process facilitation is an essential role and its good to have a trusted partner.

P.A , Mumbai, India

Residency Invest is a very professional setup who keep their client’s interests as key when suggesting strategies for applying to the EB5 program. We were very happy in our dealings with Residency Invest and can recommend them unconditionally.

SD, Singapore - (Indian Passport Holder)

Residency Invest was very professional and transparent on their advice on the application process for EB5. What impressed me most was their responsiveness to all the questions and follow-ups process to ensure the completeness of application. I would highly recommend Nick in case you are looking for some prompt and efficient guidance on the process.

A.W, HK - (Indian Passport Holder)

Residency Invest helped us with our decision on EB-5, choosing an appropriate qualifying project, in ongoing engagement with the regional centre as the project milestones changed, and with introductions and engagement of a very good lawfirm. Their hand holding and engagement thru the process until receipt of the green card has been excellent.

Sumathi Bandepalli, India


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We charge no consultation fees to our investors
We only work with the most financially safe projects
We assist your family through the entire application process
We will help you and your family settle once you have moved