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Our expert team provides a comprehensive resettlement package consisting of immigration, placement into business or compliant investment and settlement services upon arrival. We specialise in the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program for USA, E-2, Portugal & Cyprus Golden EU Visas and the Tier 1 Investor Visa program for United Kingdom amd our qualified immigration lawyers will remain by your side throughout the process, and beyond.

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Senior professionals looking for a new place to call home, parents seeking the best possible educational and job prospects in a new country for their children, entrepreneurs wishing to establish a foreign business. From our initial consultation, the first task is to understand your objectives so we can help guide you on the most suitable program to meet your needs. We also provide a wide selection of countries from which to choose.

Better Education for your Children

Send your children to the best educational institutes in the world, with favourable domestic admissions and reduced tuition fees

Better Job Prospects for your family

Apply for jobs with a local residence status, without the need for constant working visa renewals and no path to Permanent Residence.

A stable Economic or Political Environment

You may wish to move to a country better able to match your needs and aspirations

Freedom of Global Travel

A second passport can make global travel much easier, without the need for repetitive visa applications.

Relocate your entire family for a better life

Retire in Florida, work in Dubai, or send your children to the best schools in Europe, we will be able to find the program that’s right for your goals.

A fresh start and a fresh business

Some countries have a more favourable tax position

Global Immigration Visa Consultants and Business Specialists Services. We pride ourselves in providing a personalised and holistic relocation package for our valuable clients, all under one roof.

We believe in developing highly trusted and long term relationships with our clients from start to finish, and beyond. Our mission is simple, to accompany you and your family through the entire application process, and provide a first-class investment and settlement service upon your visa approval.

With a special focus on Cyprus or Portuguese Golden EU Visa, Tier 1 Investor Visa of the United Kingdom, and the E-2 & EB-5 Immigrant & Investor Visas for the USA, our qualified immigration lawyers will remain by your side throughout the process, and beyond..