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The Portugal Golden Visa

The Portugal Golden Visa or Portugal Residence by Investment Programme, has proved to be a very successful residency programme during the past few years.

This success comes as no surprise when considering the rich and diverse culture Portugal boasts with, the stability it provides for the raising of families and the warm Mediterranean climate that embraces it.

Investors find Portugal enticing not only for its warm temperatures but also for enabling them easier conduct of business, visa-free travel throughout the European Schengen area and the possibility to live and work in Portugal for an indefinite period of time – this with the inclusion of their family members.

Also, investors who gain residence through this programme will be able to gain Permanent Residence and Citizenship after five years of holding this temporary residency, provided that additional qualifying criteria are met.

With its unique advantages and a relatively low investment amount, the Portugal Golden Visa Residence Programme has turned out to be the perfect gateway to a second home in Europe for families searching to relocate into Continental Europe.

Investment Options

The government approved investment routes are:

  1. a) Acquisition of one or multiple properties;
  2. b) Acquisition of one or multiple properties
    older than 80 years or located in areas of urban regeneration. The value includes both the
    property and investment in the refurbishment works.
    c) Purchase of land with a plot area between 1,148 sqm and 2,882 sqm, and maximum
    construction area of 844 sum.

Minimum investment €500,000 Or REDUCED Minimum investment in areas of low-density population or have been given SEF approval €350,000 or in some cases €280,000

Additional Fees
  • Property Transfer Tax (IMT) – up to 8 (depending on the purchase price) or 6.5% for non-habitational purposes
  • Annual Property Tax (IMI) – 0.8-0.8%
  • Additional Municipal Property Tax (AIMI) – 0.4 – 0.7%
  • Stamp Duty – 0.8%
  • Family process analysis – €81.10
  • Minimum Investment €500,000 Euros
  • Law based investment programme
  • 4-6 weeks processing time
  • Family members may apply
  • Visa free travel throughout Schengen area
  • Freedom to live and working in Portugal
  • Extremely low minimum stay periods – 7 days
  • Permanent Residency after 5 years
  • Citizenship can be applied for after 6 years
  • Raked 4th Best passport in the world for travel
Visa Free Travel

(Free Circulation within Schengen Area upon receipt of residence visa)

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About Portugal

Portugal, one of the oldest countries in Europe, located in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula between Spain in the north and east, and the Atlantic Ocean in the south and west.

The language is Portuguese which is in fact one of the most spoken languages worldwide, English is common used in certain areas of the Country.

Portugal has been a Republic since 1911 and its government is a Parliamentary Democracy. A member of the European Union (EU) since 1986, Portugal is a nation in full with a friendly welcoming nature.

Despite being a relatively small country, the Portuguese natural heritage is extremely rich and diverse, it is an attractive tourist destination for visitors across the Globe. Well known for its history, culture, arts and sports, football is a much loved sport across the Country.


Why use Residency Invest for Portugal Golden EU Visa

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