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Window to Apply Extended. Portugal EU Golden Visa Ending

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On May 19th the bill to end the Golden Visa program was approved in the Portuguese parliament.

The details of how the program will end is still under discussion. It is therefore expected that applicants still have another 6 weeks in which to file their application. It was also confirmed that all applicants who file before the program closes will be honoured.

If, for any reason an applicant is unable to file in time, the developer will refund any property purchase payments to the applicant.

Residency Invest can facilitate your application ahead of the law change.

Portugal Golden Visa

The Portugal Golden Visa has for some time now been the most attractive and beneficial “Residency by Investment / Golden Visa Programme” in Europe.

It is the fastest and easiest way to achieve EU citizenship among all visa programmes, and at the low cost starting at just €280,000 (in many cases fully refundable and/or gaining annual income returns). The programme is the perfect solution for individuals and/or families looking for a future contingency plan, an opportunity to live, work, study anywhere in Europe at a moment’s notice.

On the 16th February the Government announced its plans to bring a complete close to the Golden Visa, within their announcement and for the past few weeks there has been much uncertainty as to whether applications submitted after the announcement would be valid. Yesterday the Government announced in its latest and final proposal that the closure would not be retroactive and any applicants submitted between now and the official enactment of the the new legislation would be protected under the current rule of law.


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