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EB-5: Prepare for a sudden $500k window re-opening

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In Brief:

How to prepare ahead of a new narrow $500k window suddenly re-opening

  • We correctly predicted in May that a narrow $500k window would shortly open. It did so in June but for just 7 days! Most applicants couldn’t file their EB-5 applications in time
  • Prioritised EB-5 (I-526) case preparation: for our clients to be better prepared, EB-5 lawyers Donoso & Partners have introduced a prioritised lawyer-engagement for just $3k deposit to encourage clients to begin their EB-5 application process early. The lawyers will advance your application along the timeline ready for filing within a few days of a sudden opening of a $500k window
  • USCIS’s intention remains at returning the EB-5 program to $900k. Hence, we expect the $500k program to increase soon after re-authorisation
  • In parallel, Residency Invest will help you choose and complete forms for your choice of low-risk EB-5 projects. No funds needed until EB-5 resumes
  • Your I-526 petition is then filed with USCIS in time to benefit from a $500k window
  • Priority applicants’ cases can be filed in 7 days from EB-5 reauthorisation
  • In the extremely unlikely event that the normal Regional Centre EB-5 is not re-authorised, and you wish to stay in EB-5, Donoso will switch you to Direct EB-5
  • If you opt to withdraw from EB-5, your lawyer fee is limited to $3k.

In Full:

With the U.S. Congress back in session we can expect the RC EB-5 program will soon resume suddenly at $500k. Upon resumption, it’s unlikely that USCIS would have had sufficient time to address the shortcomings in the regulations which took the program to $900k in November 2019. Consequently, it is highly likely the program will only stay at $500k for a short period until USCIS succeeds in reversing the legal anomalies which led to the increase being cancelled. Any increase would apply to all clients who file after the $500k window closes.

Ahead of the opening of this second window, we urge those who have already made their decision to apply for an EB-5 or who missed out during the last window, to begin the process immediately and not delay and risk missing the window again.

But what if Regional Centre EB-5 doesn’t resume at all?

We have this covered: EB-5 Direct

In the extremely unlikely event Regional Centre (RC) EB-5 is not re-authorised, Donoso can protect your immigration needs and switch your pre-application to the less popular but viable EB-5 Direct. Direct has more strictures to set up and run, but as with RC EB-5, it can lead to green cards.
Relative demand for both EB-5s is 10% Direct and 90% RC (Regional Centre.

Pre-commitment service. Prioritising your application

Donoso & Partners, is an award-winning firm of E-5 specialist Immigration Lawyers based in Washington D.C, used by many our clients. By signing up to this service with Donoso, your application process will be prioritised in order of engagement.

To minimise your financial commitment, yet maximise your chances of filing your application at $500k, Donoso has introduced a Prioritised Pre-Commitment service. They will prepare your case to the point before you have to commit further funds to then await EB-5 resumption.


    1. Engage Donoso to begin preparing your application, including gathering your Source of Funds documents.To give our clients encouragement to begin the process early and avoid failing to file in time, Donoso has kindly agreed to provide this Prioritised Pre-commitment service for a reduced lawyer engagement fee of just $3k.Donoso will prepare your application to an advanced stage then pause before you execute an EB-5 project subscription agreement and bank transfer of your investment funds. All parties then await program resumption and your final decision on whether to continue.
    2. In parallel, Residency Invest will show you best-in-industry secure EB-5 projects and help you through the process of choosing a project and completing subscription forms. Your completed forms would remain unexecuted with no investment funds yet required until all parties are able to go forward. By this point, much of the time-consuming work would have been done.When the EB-5 RC program does resume, Donoso Law would by then have advised you as to whether your Source of Funds records were sufficient to continue your EB-5 application. In the rare instance they are not, and your decision is to withdraw from EB-5, your legal fees would be limited to $3k. Should the need arise to switch you to EB-5 direct, the process would continue as normal.
    3. Upon program resumption,Post Commitment steps are as follows:
  • Preparation of your Source of Funds report. At this stage a further stage payment to Donoso of $5k falls due
  • Residency Invest will then arrange for your completed subscription forms to be executed and ensure the US project escrow account is ready to receive your investment capital and project administrative fees
  • You pay the balance of your total legal fees to Donoso, including US government application filing fees
  • Once your lawyer gives you the green light to wire, you remit your investment capital and administrative fees to the escrow account
  • The receiving bank acknowledges receipt. Donoso receives a copy
  • Donoso then files your I-526 EB-5 application petitio

How long does this entire application process take?

    • Steps 1 and 2 is dependent on your speed of response to information requests. Up to 8 weeks is normal. For prioritised clients this will be accelerated to a matter of days.
    • Step 3: as long as you execute forms and wire your funds once your lawyer gives you the green light, 4 to 7 days is comfortable.

If you would like further information or wish to begin prioritised Pre-Commitment, please contact me by email or WhatsApp:

+44 (0)7966 45 65 15


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