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Investment from €280,000


For our Portugal brochure, list of example investment options and total cost breakdown, please get in contact with us today. Please also see below for more information on the Programme. If you would like to arrange a free consultation with our Portugal Specialist, please let us know a suitable time in your enquiry form.

  • Investment starting from €280,000 in property
  • Investor, spouse, children and parents included in application
  • Minimal physical presence required (14 days per 2 years)
  • Portugal Residency approved in 6 months
  • Access to world-class education and healthcare
  • Immediate visa free travel to all Schengen countries
  • Portugal (EU) Citizenship possible after 5 years
  • Ranked 4th best passport in the world for ease of travel
  • Investments with guaranteed income/guaranteed buyback available
  • Desirable locations around Portugal from prestigious, reputable developers

With an investment as low as €280,000, you can qualify for Residency in Portugal, and eventually EU Citizenship, under the special legal resident status called the ‘Golden Residence Permit.’

As a member of the European Union (EU) – becoming a resident of Portugal gives you immediate visa-free travel to the 26 Countries of the Schengen zone. Once Portuguese Citizenship is granted, you will have the right to live, work, study or set up a business in any of the other European Union (EU) Countries. It is possible to apply for Portuguese Citizenship after 5 years.


The four most common investment routes to qualify for Portugal Residency are:

  • Property Purchase
    Investment options start at €280,000 depending on the area, and property type. We will send you full property investment options upon enquiry
  • Fund Investment – Venture Capital
    Requiring a minimum €500,000 capital contribution to a Venture Capital Fund with at least 60% of the investments in Portugal.
  • Business Set up
    Requiring minimum €500,000 Investment into a new business and 10 jobs created or 350,000 investment into existing business and 5 new jobs created.
  • Capital Transfer
    Requiring a minimum €5 million transfer to your bank account in Portugal, or a qualifying investment.