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EB-5 Program Update: Direct EB-5

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October 18, 2021.

The USA Congress passed a continuing resolution backing the government’s existing appropriations until the 3rd of December, 2021. The Regional Centre (RC) EB-5 program which expired June 30 was not included in this resolution at this time.

But, what if reathorisation of EB-5 RC becomes further delayed or you no longer want to wait?

Residency Invest is delighted to announce they now have high quality EB-5 Direct alternatives available. If applicants wish to be sure of investing just $500,000 without risking an increase this December, they can apply now for an EB-5 Direct I-526 green card application.

For new applicants who no longer wish to wait for the resumption of RC EB-5, Residency Invest are offering outstanding Direct EB-5 projects that are not small single franchise units. This is important given the considerable numbers of existing Direct EB-5 projects that fail or cause denials are often small franchise units within fast food catering where support for struggling businesses can be limited. These suffer from the tougher strictures governing EB-5 Direct. Unlike RC EB-5 where both Direct and Indirect jobs are counted, EB-5 Direct are permitted only to count Direct jobs.

Meanwhile, whilst EB-5 Reginal Centre (RC) reauthorisation is pending, Residency Invest will continue to ensure sufficient subscription slots are available to new applicants within high quality EB-5 RC projects. To this end prospective applicants are advised to engage an immigration attorney and begin the process of assembling their source of funds case. This is a time consuming process and can be done before final decisions are made concerning both project choice and EB-5 types, RC or Direct EB-5. NB. Investment funds are committed to an EB-5 project following completion of subscription forms. Not before.

Application preparation work performed by an immigration lawyer is the same for both types of EB-5: RC and Direct. Switching from one to the other should not significantly add to lawyer fees.

Author: Peter Mustafa at residencyinvest.com

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