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EB-5 Set-aside. Indian backlog projections grow worse. You can still bypass the Indian wait list.

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Partial Payments Possible. Regional Center loan option to EB-5 applicants at 7%

Unfortunately, it now seems clear that Indian applicants applying now will be caught in a waitlist for receiving green cards – unless they can get a set-aside. This is due to annual national green card quotas being exceeded by the large number of Indian EB-5 applicants.

To help ameliorate the situation, a small number of set aside visas are held in reserve which bypass the waitlist. These places are limited and being taken up fast. Places are still available.

For Indians keen to receive their green cards without 3 to 4 years, at least, of backlog we have a procedure to enable fast EB-5 application processing and filing of their I-526E. 

Anyone requiring an EB-5 should contact us immediately if they ready to begin the EB-5 process. We then will send a choice of projects from outstanding regional centres. 

EB-5 RC Loans and Partial Payments Scheme

Some of our projects enable the $800,000 capital investment to be paid in stages also known as partial payments. Some even come with a 7% interest loan option supplied by the regional Center for up to 2 years. Loan repayment funds would need to meet the same stringent SOF and traceability criteria.

If you wish to file fast and benefit from a set-aside reserved place, but all your funds are not immediately available, this scheme will give your EB-5 application the best chance of fast filing and receiving a set-aside.

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