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We’re pleased to confirm that, despite the difficulties, Residency Invest and it’s partners continue to facilitate US I-526 investment visa green card applications for EB-5.

We have an hotel project in Hollywood LA which is nearing construction completion and is close to the end of its subscription phase. It can therefore be regarded as fully funded. The hotel will be run by The Hyatt group.

Crucially, the project has a TEA designation thereby enabling a reduction in the investment required from USD 1.8M to 0.9M.

The first stage remains as before: send an email to peter@residencyinvest.com to register your interest and we’ll send you the necessary information Together with an introduction to a US based firm of EB-5 lawyers used by most of our applicants.

The entire cost, including administration fees, US government application fees, lawyer processing and application fees is close to USD 1M. The return of your investment is expected in 4 to 6 years near to the time when your temporary green card becomes permanent. An option to become a US citizen and receive a US passport becomes available to you after a further 3 years.

We have hundreds of applicants and a 100% application success rate.

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